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St Faith St Martin Church of England Junior School

The Friends of the School is currently made up of parents of children who attend the school, friends and staff but you could be a grandparent or maybe an Aunt or Uncle or carer of a child who attends the school – all help is always gratefully received by the Friends!

We are like minded people who simply want to contribute positively to the school – that’s it really. The Friends have several regular events throughout the school year that we organise to raise funds to benefit ALL the children who attend the school, whether in their very first year at St Faith and St Martin Church of England Junior School or in their final year, before they go off into the big, wide world of secondary education.

Being a Member of the Friends of SFSM

You can give as much of your time or as little as you can manage. We are always grateful for any help we receive. We have some members who are able to devote an enormous amount of time, and we thank them for it, but we also have people only able to help at one or two events a year and we thank them also. To become a member of the Friends you do not have to commit to every event, meeting, get-together, just come along when and if you can, there is always a job that needs doing and “many hands make light work”.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support at all the events the Friends organises, without you attending and spending your hard earned money we would not be able to raise funds for the school and in turn support all our children.