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St Faith St Martin Church of England Junior School

Our Staff

Our highly qualified and experienced staff host a whole array of curricular talents that make our curriculum at St Faith and St Martin Church of England Junior School unique, special and wholly child-centered.

Mr M. Kyle

Deputy Headteachers
Mrs C. Bradbury
Mrs S. Charlton

Miss L. Brighton

Teaching Staff

Year 3
Mrs J. Hancock
Miss S. Ward
Mrs V. Manning

Year 4
Miss R. Forrest
Miss Z. Mackay
Mrs V. Fielden

Year 5
Miss L. Hayhurst
Mrs D. Taylor 
Mr J. Sime

Year 6
Mrs K. Broadbent
Mrs C. Bradbury
Miss L. Brighton 
Mrs S. Charlton (Mastery Maths Specialist)
Mrs C. Curtis

Additional Teaching Staff             
Mrs C. Sanford-Casey
Mrs S. Parkinson

Site Manager
Mr D. Duarte

School Business Manager
Mrs A. Hanson

Mrs P. Dew

I.T. Technician
Mr J. James (Ark ICT)




















Clerk to Governors
Mrs S. White

Wellbeing & Pastoral Team
Mrs J. Low
Miss C. Scott

Teaching Assistants
Mrs S. Edgar
Mrs E. Flower
Mrs C. Scott
Mrs J. Low
Mrs C. McDonald
Mr L. Buckley
Mrs J. Bentley
Mr S. Astwood
Mrs T. Reed
Mrs H. Gilman
Ms S. Wentworth
Mrs V. Rolfe
Miss S. Branton
Mrs N. Siqueira

Midday Supervisory Assistants
Mrs S. Wentworth
Mrs T. Pollard
Mrs Holden-Shephard
Mrs J. Bentley
Ms S. Alves
Mr B. Duarte
Mrs M. Kitchen
Mrs S. Kelly
Mrs S. Duarte

Cleaning Staff
Mr B. Duarte                                                   
Mrs S. Duarte
Mr A. Linch

The Saints Breakfast and After School Club
Mrs S. Edgar
Mrs M. Kitchen
Mrs J. Bentley
Mr Stephen Astwood
Mr Simeon Astwood

Reserve Teachers
Mrs C. Bradbury
Miss L. Brighton