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St Faith St Martin Church of England Junior School

Our Staff

Our highly qualified and experienced staff host a whole array of curricular talents that make our curriculum at St Faith and St Martin Church of England Junior School unique, special and wholly child-centered.

Mr M Kyle

Deputy Headteachers
Mrs C Bradbury
Mrs S Charlton

Miss L Brighton

Teaching Staff

Year 3
Mrs J Hancock
Miss L Randles
Mrs V Manning

Year 4
Miss R Forrest
Miss Z Mackay
Mrs V Fielden

Year 5
Miss E Baldwin
Mrs D Taylor 
Mr J Sime

Year 6
Miss L Hayhurst
Mrs C Bradbury
Miss L Brighton 
Mrs S Charlton (Mastery Maths Specialist)
Mrs C Curtis

Art Specialist Teacher             
Mrs K Broadbent

Site Manager
Mr D Duarte

School Business Manager
Mrs A Hanson

Senior Administrator  
Mrs P Dew

I.T. Technician
Mr J James (Ark ICT)




















Clerk to Governors
Mrs S White

Wellbeing & Pastoral Team
Mrs J Low
Miss C Scott

Teaching Assistants
Mrs S Edgar
Miss E Flower
Mrs C Scott
Mrs J Low
Mrs C McDonald
Mr L Buckley (HLTA)
Mrs J Bentley
Mr S Astwood
Mrs T Reed (HLTA)
Mrs M Kitchen
Ms S Wentworth
Miss S Branton
Mrs N Siqueira (HLTA)                                          Mrs S Kelly
Mrs S Whiting

Midday Supervisory Assistants
Mrs T MacDougall
Mrs Holden-Shephard
Mrs J Bentley
Mrs S Whiting                                                  Mrs L Gaskell
Mr B Duarte
Mrs M Kitchen
Mrs S Kelly
Mrs S Duarte

Cleaning Staff
Mr B Duarte                                                   
Mrs S Duarte
Mr A Linch

The Saints Breakfast and After School Club
Mrs S Edgar
Mrs M Kitchen
Mrs J Bentley                                                    Mrs S Kelly
Mr S Astwood
Mr S Astwood

Reserve Teachers
Mrs C Bradbury
Miss L Brighton

Student Teachers

Miss S Opie                                                        Mr B MacAfee