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St Faith St Martin Church of England Junior School

We provide an enriched science curriculum that provides opportunities for first hand learning. The children are exposed to a wide variety of experiences that support their curiosity.  We aim to give all our children an understanding of the world around them whilst acquiring specific skills and knowledge to help them think scientifically, to gain an understanding of scientific processes and also an understanding of the uses and implications of science - today and for the future.

We provide stimulating and challenging experiences to help children secure and extend their scientific knowledge and vocabulary.  We believe that these opportunities will ensure that our children are confident, life-long learners who will continue to endeavor to explore the world around them.
Pupils are encouraged to develop attitudes of curiosity, originality, co-operation, perseverance, open mindedness, self-criticism, responsibility and independence in thinking through an engaging science curriculum which inspires pupils’ own ideas and questions.
Science in our school is about developing an understanding and making sense of our environment, primarily through first-hand experience, exploration, interaction with scientific phenomena and developing scientific language.  It is about developing children’s ideas and ways of working that enable them to make sense of the world in which they live.

Spirituality in Science
Spirituality features in science as it provides children with an opportunity to explore the wonders and mysteries of the natural world. Science can help children connect with their spirituality through the study of natural phenomena, such as the cycles of life and death, and the beauty and complexity of the natural world.

Through science, children can explore the interconnectedness of the universe, the power and intelligence of nature, and develop a sense of awe, wonder and reverence for the world around them. Science can also help children understand complex spiritual concepts, such as the interconnectedness of all things, the nature of consciousness and the limits of human knowledge.

Moreover, science can also help children develop empathy for other living beings and cultivate a sense of responsibility towards environmental sustainability. By studying science, children can learn about the importance of compassion, kindness, and carefulness.

Overall, science at SFSM can provide a framework for children to develop their spiritual curiosity, wonder, empathy, and environmental responsibility, leading to greater personal growth and awareness.