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St Faith St Martin Church of England Junior School

Classroom Expectations

What we expect to see in all classrooms:


  • High quality teaching and well resourced lessons.
  • Enthusiastic pupils who are engaged in their learning.
  • High expectations from staff in terms of behaviour and quality of work
  • Positive relationships with all pupils in a class.
  • Staff and pupils treating everyone and everything with respect.


  • Neat, tidy and well organised classrooms.
  • As a Church School, every classroom needs to have a Reflection Area. Bibles should be available in this area and school prayers should also be displayed.
  • Behaviour traffic light system with each child’s name
  • Books and resources stored neatly and tidily. Please do not put lesson resources/books on the floor by teacher’s desks or under the smart boards.
  • Display boards relevant to the children’s learning to either support or celebrate learning.
  • ICT resources stored in appropriate cupboards and trolleys and charged.
  • Worry box/bubble board for children to access.


Expectations in books


  • All work to be dated and have a clear learning objective
  • Date and title to be underlined with a ruler
  • High expectations of pupils in terms of presentation of work and handwriting in all subjects including when responding to teacher comments.
  • All comments responded to appropriately with blue pen.


  • Follow the school's current marking policy.