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St Faith St Martin Church of England Junior School


The school has resources available for teaching all subjects which are kept centrally and are there for all to use. If you use any of the resources please make sure they are returned to the correct cupboard after use and put away tidily. Please remember that everyone is busy and no-one has time to tidy up after everyone else.

Resources are located in rooms around the school as follows:

  • Curriculum resources – Resource room opposite library.
  • Literacy resources – PPA room – guided reading books/SATS reading papers/teacher booklets/photocopiable resources.
  • P.E. resources – P.E. store in hall/outdoor P.E. store (see below)
  • SEN resources – SEN Room 

If you are using any of the special needs booklets for children’s use, please write a post-it so that everyone knows where to find them.

Other resources

- Maths resources - Music room

Some additional curriculum resources for the following subjects are located in the cupboard in the upstairs classroom next to PPA room:

  • History
  • Geography
  • RE

Stationary Cupboard (Off main corridor)

Paper, books, backing paper and new stock are kept in the stationary cupboard.  Please leave this area tidy.  Make sure that you only take stock you need so that we are able to keep waste to a minimum. If you notice that we are running low on an item, please inform the school office.


P.E. Store Area in the Hall

In here you will find general P.E. equipment for games and equipment for use in the hall.  Please return everything to the correct box and area.  Children may not collect or return items to the higher shelves in the P.E. store without adult help.

P.E. Outdoor Store

In here you will find general P.E equipment for outside games e.g. football, cricket, netball etc.

This door is unlocked daily so it is accessible for PE lessons.

Children should be supervised by an adult when taking or returning equipment from this store.