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St Faith St Martin Church of England Junior School

The School Office

In the School Office you will find:

  • A4 & A3 paper, A4 Card, laminating pouches, labels.
  • Laminator, binder, paper cutter.
  • Class Lists with contact details for all children.
  • Resource Catalogues.
  • General Files - These contain our information about curriculum, budget, etc.  Please ask before taking any of these.


There is no restriction on the photocopying of copyright free material.  If you are copying material under licence.

In order to reduce our photocopying bill when photocopying the default print setting on the photocopier & computers is black and white. With photocopying please think carefully whether it is necessary to be printed in colour.

All computers are set up to print directly from your laptops but please make sure you collect your photocopying as soon as possible once printed!

If you are not collecting it immediately then it will be put into the pigeon holes by the copier.

Please remember that we are not allowed to copy music.


Children collecting printing

Children should only print to the office once you have seen the work.

If a lot of children are sending photocopying at once (e.g. end of a class project) please send one child to collect it for everyone once they have all done their printing.

Please make sure children only print the required number of copies.