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St Faith St Martin Church of England Junior School

Staff Conduct Protocol

Teaching staff are expected to be in school in good time to be fully prepared for lessons they are teaching each day and ready to welcome pupils in from 8:40am. Non-teaching staff need to be in school in ‘position’ and ready to go at their contractual starting time.


Respect your colleagues

This shows itself in:

  • Polite and professional conversation
  • Time for listening
  • Showing appreciation and thanks
  • Punctuality in all circumstances
  • Willingness to help and share
  • A caring attitude
  • Avoiding the negative talk which comes with moaning and complaining
  • Finding a positive message in all things.


Respect yourself

This shows itself in:

  • Working purposefully and avoiding unnecessary lingering at work
  • Recognising your own abilities and talents
  • Praising and rewarding yourself when you know it is due
  • Being a continuous learner
  • Making time for you


Respect our pupils:

This shows itself in:

  • Avoiding raising one’s voice unnecessarily
  • Not using sarcasm or belittling comments
  • Finding something to praise in all children
  • Finding time to listen
  • Actively involving them in their own learning
  • Being fair and consistent in all social dealings



Dress should be smart and fit for purpose. Bear in mind that the children are encouraged to wear school uniform and when not doing so are gently reminded. If teaching PE, staff should be dressed appropriately in sports dress for that session.